Let us introduce ourselves and tell you how Texoma’s Hidden Gem came to be!

  • Judy Hart
  • Jeff & Deb Hart
  • Justyn & Adrian Har

We are Rustic Hart Ranch & Venue. In memory of Gary Hart.

Making something beautiful out of nothing .. . .That is what my late father in law envisioned when he and wife Judy purchased 14 acres of mesquite and brush in Arrowhead Ranch Estates 25 years ago.  Digging, cutting, building, welding, and everything in between brought a Father/Son, Grandfather/Grandson together everyday for 16 years . . . . This was my father in law’s passion and to build it alongside his son and grandson was a bonus!  He loved get together’s in the barn with friends and loved ones and his dream was to one day use it for public gatherings along with the arena that he called Warpath Arena. 

Unfortunately, at 11 a.m. June 11, 2011 Gary Hart lost his battle with cancer.  It was tough.

The front entry gate, the long winding road leading up to the barn that was built from the ground up, the bunk house, arena, pond. . .every part of the ranch was a reminder. . . and so it sat.   7 years would pass. 

In conversation, my husband and I realized how unhappy we were living in town . . We both love country life and so we decided to take a drive to the ranch.  Wow, mesquite and brush had covered everything.  I looked at my husbands face and saw a look of disappointment and sadness in his eyes as he said to me, “My dad would be really sad, I feel like I have let him down, I should have never let it get this bad” . . . . it was that day in 2018 that we entertained the idea of putting the house on the market, move to the ranch, build our home, clean up the ranch, restore the barn and finish what he had started. 

On June 11, 2019 . . . 8 years to the day of my father in laws passing . . . 486 Warpath Trail, was our address!   Coincidence?? As Christians, we don’t believe in coincidence. It was God’s plan all along.  A wink of approval from  “Pops” 

We have lived on the ranch for over a year now . . .. Countless hours spent bringing back that vintage, elegantly rustic, country life Pops envisioned 25 years ago . . .. We have celebrated multiple birthdays, baby showers, quinceanera, weddings, a halloween party. . . The weddings made us realize the beautiful, breathtaking scenery of the ranch made the perfect setting for weddings and photo shoots. . .The idea seemed perfect, so we named the ranch Rustic Hart Ranch & Venue, and here we are.

Thank you to our children and family for being so supportive. Momma Judy, we love you!  We are very grateful to all who have come out to help us, Thank you!!   A special thank you to Lindsi and Kenny who helped us turn the barn into a venue, the bunk house into a bridal suite, the tool room into a grooms room with “a/c”, the horse stalls into additional seating, and the tack room into a bar sitting area/poker room.

God has truly Blessed us and we know Pops is smiling big! 

If you or someone you know loves, understands, and appreciates the beauty of county living and dreams of a rustic country wedding. . This is the venue for you and we want to make your dream wedding come true!